Students from Cody High School will serve as the 2022-2024 Youth Ambassadors for Special Olympics.

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That's according to a press release from Special Olympics Wyoming, who wrote that two students from Cody High School will be a part of the newest cohort of Ambassadors.

"The 2022-2024 class of U.S. Youth Ambassadors consists of 14 youth leaders with and without intellectual disabilities who are striving to make the nation a more inclusive place for all," the release stated. "These youth leaders will act as advocates, share stories, and demonstrate the values of Inclusive Youth Leadership across the country."

The two Cody High School students are Brindi Brittain and Adrian Wood. They will serve as representatives for the Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools which, according to the release, is a strategy that creates sports, leadership, and school engagement opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities.

"The result is a school environment that promotes inclusion and respect for all," the release stated. "As many as 3.6 million young people are taking part in inclusive experiences through Special Olympics across the U.S."

The release notes that Brindi will be a senior at Cody High school this year. She serves as the mascot for both the school's football team and its hockey team. Adrian will be a junior this year and, like Eleven, she enjoys Eggo Waffles. Unlike Eleven, she cannot move things with her mind. At least, we don't think so. Her favorite movie is Get Smart and she stated that one of her favorite memories of Special Olympics was the time that she got to meet Spider-Man at one of the swim meets.

“We are so proud of Brindi and Adrian for being selected as Special Olympics U.S. Youth Ambassadors," said Jen Haines, the President and CEO of Special Olympics. "These young leaders are champions for inclusion; with this platform they will be able to advocate for inclusion not only in Cody, but around Wyoming and our country.”

The release states that the purpose of the U.S. Youth Ambassadors program is to "amplify and empower the essential voices of youth and engage them as they help us shape the future of Unified Champion Schools."

The program uses training, engagement, and activation at the national level, proving U.S. Youth Ambassadors to be strong leaders of the 'Inclusive Revolution.'

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