I was driving by the Townsend Justice Center in Casper when I saw it.

I hope somebody reading this saw it, too. It was strange and unusual. Like something out of Mad Max.

A Tesla Cybertruck.

It starts at around $79,990 for the all-wheel drive version sporting 600 horsepower offering a 340-mile range on a full battery charge.

Tesla has a lofty goal to produce about 250,000 trucks annually by 2025.

As of right now the demand for the stainless-steel, angular EV is high, with millions of pre-orders. It could be up to five years before new buyers get their hands on one.

According to crowdfunded data, California has the most pre-orders, specifically the city of Los Angeles. Texas is not far behind.

In December last year, Musk tweeted a photo with the caption "Cybertruck in Wyoming Winter" on the eve of Trever Milton being sentenced for fraud, which some people didn't think was a coincidence since the now-convicted felon is from Alpine.

Others posted questions like "Is that truck going to be able to break free from the deep snow it's found itself in? Might need to fire up that John Deere tractor."

And: "rumor has it the vehicle is still in that same spot since this picture was taken."

What do Wyomingites things about the cybertruck? It seems people either love it or hate it.

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