The State of Wyoming and the Department of Environmental Quality have filed a complaint against Chevron Corporation for failing to clean up pollution and contamination caused by fuel leaks from underground storage tanks.

According to a DEQ statement issued Friday, underground storage tanks at Chevron properties leaked and caused contamination, and Chevron made claims against its insurance companies for the pollution.

However, without notifying the State of Wyoming, the company settled its insurance claims for millions of dollars, but did not use the proceeds of the settlements to pay for cleanup at the contaminated sites.

Instead, DEQ says the state was forced to spend over $3 million to remediate the contamination.

"DEQ believes that Chevron is directly responsible under Wyoming law to reimburse the State of Wyoming for the costs expended for cleaning up the underground storage tank pollution and contamination," the statement concludes.

The state, in its news release Friday, did not identify the contaminated sites the state paid to remediate.

Neither Chevron Corporation nor the Wyoming DEQ immediately responded to a request for comment.

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