The Wyoming Highway Patrol is warning drivers to slow down and move over after a police officer's patrol vehicle was hit during a traffic stop on Monday.

No one was hurt in the crash, but it serves as a reminder of the importance of giving first responders plenty of room to work, particularly on roadways.

The Patrol says a Cody police officer activated his overhead emergency lights as he initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle on Yellowstone Avenue.

As the officer opened his door, the patrol vehicle was hit by a passing driver.

Wyoming law requires drivers to move over or pull over when encountering an emergency vehicle that has activated its lights or siren. Here's some language from state statute:

  • Upon the immediate approach of an authorized emergency vehicle making use of audible or visual signals the driver of every other vehicle shall yield the right-of-way and shall immediately drive to a position parallel to, and as close as possible to, the right-hand edge or curb of the roadway clear of any intersection and shall stop and remain in that position until the authorized emergency vehicle has passed, except when otherwise directed by a police officer.
  • When driving on an interstate highway or other highway with two (2) or more lanes traveling in the direction of the emergency vehicle, shall merge into the lane farthest from the emergency vehicle, except when otherwise directed by a police officer;
  • When driving on a two (2) lane road, shall slow to a speed that is twenty (20) miles per hour less than the posted speed limit, except when otherwise directed by a police officer.

The Patrol did not indicate whether any arrests were made or charges were filed in connection with the incident.

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