Motorists navigating a sometimes aggravating left turn on eastbound CY Avenue to travel north on Poplar Street will have a safer way to do that starting Monday, according to a news release from the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

WYDOT will restrict the left turn phase of the traffic signal during weekdays after school and through the evening commute.

During those times, traffic must wait for a green arrow to turn left instead of waiting for a flashing yellow arrow signaling a permissive left turn when conditions are safe.

“We’ve been keeping an eye on this intersection and have noticed that during peak times, left-turning traffic often cannot do so or drivers attempt to make the turn when it’s unsafe to do so,” WYDOT District 2 Traffic Engineer Chad Aagard said.

“It’s been observed that traffic favors one left turn lane but not both turn lanes," Aagard said. "By allowing left turns with a green arrow only, it’s hoped that the use of the dual left turn lane will increase, increasing the safety and efficiency of the intersection while reducing congestion.”

Once the high traffic times are past, the signal will return to the normal flashing yellow arrow allowing permissive left turns.

WYDOT will monitor the hours the green arrow restriction will be in effect to help with after-school and evening work traffic and congestion, and it may need to adjust those times depending on traffic volume.

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