A woman with 19 arrest warrants was arrested Tuesday after she smashed a coffee mug over a Casper police officer's truck.

Glenna L. McPherson was arrested Tuesday on recommended charges of trespassing.

An arrest affidavit alleges that McPherson showed up to a Casper police officer's house last week carrying a crowbar. The officer reminded McPherson that he had trespassed her from his property. She told the officer she was looking for a stolen car.

She came back on Friday while the officer was doing yard work. The officer reminded McPherson that she was trespassed from his property.

McPherson came back again on Tuesday.

The officer was doing yard work when he found a broken coffee mug behind his truck and two notes taped to his home. The notes, written by McPherson, essentially said the home belonged to her and she accused the officer of stealing her house key and taking $100 from her.

McPherson apparently thought the officer was someone else.

When he spoke with a neighbor, the officer learned McPherson was watching him powerwash his back patio from over a fence.

Reviewing his security camera footage, the officer saw McPherson purposely break the coffee mug over his personal truck.

When police found McPherson, they learned she had 19 active arrest warrants dating back to 2004. Five of those were from this year.

She said she was looking for a stolen car and had the crowbar on May 29 to break into the garage to retrieve the car.


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