As the weather warms up, the Natrona County School District is sending out a reminder about their dress code. "The basics are just keep covered what needs to be covered," says NCSD Board Trustee Dana Howie. She gives sleeveless shirts and tank tops as an example. "Just be sure the shoulders are covered, and not too low cut, no midriffs showing. In short, try and dress as if you were going to work or being professional."

The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees revised the dress code in 2015. Howie says much of it is not new, but had not previously been enforced. "We've kind of rolled things back and tried to make things more specific," she says. "There's even a picture of what's appropriate and what's not on the website.

You can find the entire dress code here.  Dress Code Guidelines 5-7-15

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