Prison time could be in the future of a Casper man who reportedly tried to run from police officers and sheriff's deputies as they served two felony arrest warrants.

Johnathan Arket, 19, was taken into custody Monday afternoon on the warrants as well as a new interference charge.

The warrants were issued in early February following allegations that Arket violated the terms of his probation.

As part of a plea deal, Arket pleaded guilty in September to one felony charge of delivery of marijuana. District Court Judge Catherine Wilking sentenced him to three years of supervised probation with an underlying four- to six-year prison sentence.

In late December, District Court Judge Daniel Forgey also sentenced Arket to concurrent probation in accordance with a plea agreement in a separate case. Arket was also given an underlying four- to five-year prison term and ordered to complete the batterer's intervention program at Central Wyoming Counseling Center.

In that matter, charging papers say Arket choked and slapped a pregnant woman. He also allegedly threatened to use his gun to kill her and himself, according to an affidavit.

As part of the plea agreement, Arket pleaded guilty to one count of strangulation of a household member. The state dismissed one count of aggravated assault on a pregnant woman and one count of false imprisonment.

An affidavit from Arket's probation agent filed Feb. 3 alleges Arket admitted in late January to consuming spice, which is commonly referred to as 'synthetic marijuana.' The agent also says Arket had an unapproved visitor in his residence, possessed drug paraphernalia and absconded from supervision in early February.

So, at about 1:40 p.m. Monday, Casper police officers and Natrona County Sheriff's deputies went to Arket's home on Ash Street to arrest him.

As they approached, officers saw Arket peeking out through the garage window, according to an affidavit. Officers went to the garage door and could see a white SUV, but no sign of Arket. They believed he was hiding behind the SUV.

One officer announced the police presence and ordered Arket to come out about a dozen times, charging papers say. Arket did not respond.

Two officers went into the garage and found Arket hiding behind the SUV. When an officer ordered Arket to surrender himself, Arket allegedly made a run for the garage door.

An officer grabbed Arket as he tried to open the door and struggled to take him into custody, as Arket allegedly resisted officers. At one point, Arket reportedly kicked a car grill which was leaned against a wall. The grill fell and hit an officer in the head, neck and back, according to an affidavit.

In the confined space, officers had a tough time getting Arket under control. He reportedly fought to his feet and tried to get away.

Officers warned Arket that he'd be tased if he continued to resist. Arket reportedly refused to give up, so he was tased on the right side of his body as he continued to fight.

After he was tased, officers were able to arrest Arket. Medical staff showed up to examine Arket and reportedly found no life-threatening injuries, but advised he be taken to Wyoming Medical Center for a more thorough assessment.

Arket was medically cleared at the hospital. There, he allegedly told a police sergeant that he had heard officers' commands when he was in the garage, but said he didn't comply because he didn't want to go to jail.

He reportedly apologized for resisting, saying he only fought because he didn't know what else to do. Arket was then taken to jail.

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