On Friday, November 11, 2022 Dean Morgan Junior High hosted an assembly to honor veterans past, present and future.

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It featured a variety of speakers, including Tyler Hartl, Dean Morgan's Principal, Casper Mayor Ray Pacheco, and Senator John Barrasso.

It also featured music, courtesy of Dean Morgan's jazz band, orchestra, choir, and American Sign Language (ASL) club.

Dean Morgan students Kayla Higgins, Peyton Willhelm, and Lily Miller served as the MC's of the event, keeping the program moving and offering their own tributes to those who have served.

Mayor Pacheco spoke about his father, his hero, who served in the Navy in 1956.

"The greatest thing about my dad is that I have never met a person more dedicated," Pacheco stated. "He's 85 years old and he still goes to work. He still goes to the office every day. And he learned those principals in the military. He learned, and he understands exactly what sacrifice means. He learned what it means to be dedicated to our country, to the flag, and to the very ideals of what the United States stands for."

Pacheco also spoke about a boy who he ministered years ago, when he was a youth pastor. His name was Scott, and he joined the military right out of high school. He was immediately sent to Afghanistan.

He never came home.

"Our hope is that we see the dignity and the humanity of every man and woman in this country and that is what my father, my uncles, the men and women in this room have fought for," Pacheco said. "And that is something that we cannot ever take for granted. My hope today, to young people people especially, is that you take away from this day and go forward to honor and respect those men and women, whether they're 85 like my dad or 18 years old and they're walking into the very first day, signing up for that sacrifice."

Towards the end of the event, Senator John Barrasso passed out Military Challenge coins to the veterans in attendance.

"It's a sign of honor, and recognition, and respect," Senator Barrasso told the auditorium.

And then, one by one, each veteran came up to the front of the presentation, shook Senator Barrasso's hand, took their coin, and accepted the applause of a thankful audience.

Photos and video of the event in its entirety can be viewed below:

Dean Morgan Junior High Holds Assembly to Honor Veterans Past, Present, and Future

On Friday, November 11, 2022 Dean Morgan Junior High hosted an assembly to honor veterans past, present and future. 

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