The timing couldn't be more poetic. Two days before the Donald Trump 'Save America' Rally, in which the former president will appear on stage with the Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, Liz Cheney has officially filed to run for re-election with the U.S. House of Representatives.

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The news was first broken by The Casper Star Tribune, with Cheney releasing a video that announced her reelection bid and focused on her allegiance to the U.S. constitution.

"In June, 1852, my family first came to Wyoming, walking across the Mormon Trail," Cheney began. "A few generations later, my great grandparents raised four daughters and a son at Midwest, on the edge of the Salt Creek Oil Fields"

Cheney stated that her grandmother grew up to become the first woman to serve as the Deputy Sheriff of Natrona County. Cheney then went on to say that she was proud of all of her family members for paved the way for her to serve Wyoming as its Congresswoman.

"Serving as Wyoming's Congresswoman is the highest honor of my professional life," Cheney stated. "We have accomplished much together over the last five years. We have much left to do and big challenges in the years to come; at home and abroad. As we work together to fight for Wyoming and the issues that matter to us, there are some things you can count on."

Cheney said that she will not waiver or back down, which has been evident in her persistence to stand up against many members of her own political party.

"I won't surrender to pressure or intimidation," Cheney said. "I know where to draw the line. And I know that some things aren't for sale. That's the Code of the West. And that's what Wyoming voters deserve and expect: truth, resolve, duty, integrity, honor."

Cheney said that she knows what it means to 'Ride for the brand,' and that the United States is the brand. She said that both men and women have died, in every generation, to defend our freedom and stated that if our generation, if this generation, doesn't stand for truth, for the rule of aw and the constitution, the republic will slip away.

"We must not let that happen," Cheney said. "I'm asking you to join me, to reject the lies, to rise above the toxic politics, to defend our freedom, to do what we all know is right. I'm asking you to cast your eyes to the future - a future that we will build together, a future where we can tell our children and our grandchildren that, when our time of testing came, we did not falter. And we did not fail. Some things have to matter. American freedom, the rule of law, our founding principles, the foundations of our Republic matter. What we do in this election in Wyoming matters."

Cheney closed by stating that she was asking for the Wyoming peoples' vote because "This is a fight we must win."

Cheney's announcement came just two days before much of Casper, Wyoming, and beyond will gather at former president Donald Trump's 'Save America' Rally, in which he will speak alongside Republican House candidate Harriet Hageman, as well as Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and his own son, Donald Jr.

Cheney's announcement video can be seen below:

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