In a statement made by True Companies yesterday morning, the company announced that they have no ownership of Prism Logistics, LLC -- the company proposing a potential gravel pit in the Squaw Creek Coates Road area in Casper:

Prism Logistics is a gravel company managed Kyle True.

The proposed gravel pit came under fire from hundreds of local residents after it came to light that the LLC was eyeing the land on Coates Road as a possible gravel pit location.

During the last two Natrona County Commissioner meetings, several people spoke out against the pit, citing a long list of concerns including water and air pollution.

During the March 5 meeting, Commission Chairman Peter Nicolaysen said that Prism Logistics would need to file an application for a conditional use permit, which the commisioners would have to approve. So far, he said, they had not done that.

If they do file, certain considerations must be taken into account by the commisioners. Below is a section of the application:

Conditional Use Permit Section
Conditional Use Permit Section, Natrona County Wyoming

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