Monday morning, a truck crashed into the front of a Good2Go convenience store on 400 Valley Drive, damaging the storefront but causing no injuries.

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Veronica Fresorger, the general manager of the store, said that the man accidentally drove his truck into the store after his prosthetic leg got caught on the pedals, preventing him from stopping.

Fresorger said that there were customers and employees in the store at the time, but they were all away from where the crash happened.

The truck that the man was driving was towed to his house, and Fresorger said that the man who was driving it had his daughter pick him up and bring him back to his house after speaking with members of the Casper Police.

Jose Cruz, district manager for the store, said that they are still waiting on construction crews to come and clean up the mess.

Sam Haut, Townsquaremedia
Sam Haut, Townsquaremedia

Cruz said that they hope to be back up and running by Tuesday, after shutting down for the rest of Monday, and that within a week they should have repaired the store.

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