Three Natrona County men, have turned themselves in, in a case where they are accused of vandalizing Natrona County High School.

Thirty year old Kasey Ford, along with 22-year old Courtland Lovato, and 22-year old Robert Rowe are all facing felony charges of burglary, property destruction, conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to commit property destruction.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department say during the overnight hours of late Friday, into early Saturday, September 19th and 20th, the three entered the school through an unsecured entrance, and vandalized various rooms, pushed over a vending machine, and even put metal cups into a microwave, but the latter didn't work, when the breaker tripped, thus shutting the microwave off.

The total damage done is estimated at about around $10,000.

Officers were able to obtain surveillance video of the three and they were later identified by a bar waitress, who said she had seen one of them earlier in the evening.

When questioned by police, the three admitted to what they did, and said they had been drinking prior to the crime spree, and didn't have a plan to do what they did, but it ended up happening.

Ford, Lavato and Rowe are free on a $10,000 P-R bond awaiting trial, and could face up to 10 years in prison on each of the charges if convicted.