I've never had the need for physical therapy for myself. But when I home-cared my father through Alzheimer's, it became a daily thing for 6 years. You can imagine how protective I was of him and how important it was that he had someone who was good to him and for him — mind, body, and soul.
The folks at Therapy Solutions in Casper are looking for just such a person. They are looking for someone who understands that therapy is not just about physical problems, but it is an emotional and physiological journey as well.
Therapy Solutions is looking for someone who in well versed in pain relief, manual physical therapy and orthopedic and aquatic therapy, as well as neurological and post-surgical treatments. They need those who have the patient to work with someone through balance/coordination activities, which can be frustrating for the patient, and those who understand the physical, emotional and physiological scars of burn and stroke victims.
Therapy Solutions is a new, clean, up-to-date, and well-staffed facility that makes sure not to overbook (only eight patients a day max), so that the caregiver has more time with the patient. This is not a franchised physical therapy practice, and the patient is not treated like a number.
If you fit this description, then I would have let you take care of my father and you just might be a great fit for Therapy Solutions. Click here to learn more about the opening and apply online, or give them a call at (307) 268-9904.
Big hearts and kind hearts need only apply.