The city of Casper has been on the hunt for a way to trademark our city's way of life. Back in October of 2013 the city invested $80k to help build a brand for Casper and help draw new businesses and tourism.

The Casper marketing group Adbay was hired to help and consult on the building a new brand. Public summits were held and the input from the community was gathered in the hope of building a new trademark or slogan for Wyoming's second largest city.

On July 25th, 2014 the first video in the - Making Casper Brand Promise was debuted to the public.

Take a look and let us know if you feel this video is headed in the right direction as the group tries to capture the "Brand" of Casper.

Is there something missing? Would you like to see any changes made and if so, what would you add or remove? Tell us by leaving a comment below.