In a recent Doxo report of household bill pay in the United States, residents of Wyoming spend approximately $2,022 per month on household bills, which is 1.0% higher than the national average.

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Casper ranks as the 10th most expensive city in Wyoming for household bills.

Casperites pay $1,761 per month on the the 10 most common household bills, which is about 12% lower than the national average.

Doxo's analysis determined the average monthly payment for the top 10 household bills as follows:

1. Mortgage - $1,214

2. Rent - $893

3. Auto Loans - $466

4. Utilities - $240

5. Health Insurance - $94

6. Auto Insurance - $113

7. Cable & Internet - $89

8. Mobile - $106

9. Alarm and Security - $82

10. Life Insurance - $45

Overall, the Doxo report reveals Hawaii is the most expensive state for household bills and West Virginia the least. The report said, "This unique view of relative expenses, and how much of household income is required to cover bills in each state, is especially relevant given recent strains on household budgets due to inflation."

An earlier Doxo study found that 9 out of 10 Americans (89%) have seen a jump in their household bills in the last year, with a rise in the utilities category rising most. "It's no secret that Americans have been feeling pain at the pump and that skyrocketing inflation is affecting far more than just gas prices." The Consumer Price Index determined that last month's Inflation hit the fastest pace since 1981.

On the bright side, respondents in a related Doxo survey reported that, so far, they have not had to delay or skip making payments on household bills, even with the dramatic increases.

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