The Natrona County School District held a formal dedication ceremony for Casper's new $10.4 million Southridge Elementary School on Monday night.

District superintendent Steve Hopkins says the new Southridge differs vastly from the old Southridge.

“When they walk in, they’re going to see the openness – the brightness associated with it – that alone is going to catch their attention,” Hopkins said. “That, and the building concept – we’re talking about a building built in 2014 compared to buildings built in 1950.”

Hopkins also says the new building is better equipped to deal with 21st century elementary education.

“The concept of technology being introduced into the classroom space – that alone strongly influences how you organize a building,” Hopkins said. “So, the building has been designed to accommodate for that more-modern approach to teaching and learning."

The school opened its doors in February after multiple construction delays.

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