Those who oppose the proposed limited smoking ban on the special election on Tuesday pulled to an early lead with the counting of more than 1,100 absentee ballots, according to the Natrona County Clerk's website.

Of the 1,121 absentee ballots cast between Oct. 20 and Monday, 482 voted "for" the limited ban, while 639 voted "against," according to the unofficial results tallied just after 7 p.m.

In other words, more people as of this initial count want to return to the 2012 strict smoking ban approved by Casper City Council

The ballots from the six polling places will be tallied through this evening.

The referendum came about after a two-year effort by Keep Casper Smoke Free to overturn a 2013 Casper City ordinance — nicknamed Smoking Ban Light — that relaxed the strict 2012 smoking ban — nicknamed Smoking Ban Fully Leaded — approved by the previous city council.

On Sept. 22, council decided to put the issue before the voters.

A “for” vote on the ballot meant keeping the relaxed 2013 rules intact. An “against” vote meant returning to the strict 2012 ordinance.

The referendum was the only item on the ballot.

For more information about the referendum, visit the Natrona County Clerk’s website.