On Wednesday, July 20th, at approximately 1:00pm, the Natrona County Fire District (NCFD) was dispatched for a wildland fire in the area of Six Mile Road and West US HWY 20-26, according to a press release from the Natrona County Fire District.

Multiple NCFD fire units responded to the scene along with Natrona County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Casper Fire-EMS units, Mills Fire Department units, Bar Nunn Fire Department units, and A Banner Health - Wyoming Medical Center (BH-WMC) ambulance.

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Evacuations were initiated at the True Steel business located near the fire. The evacuations were later lifted and the True Steel employees returned to work.

Road closures and detours have since been lifted.

The wildland fire in total was less than an acre in size.

One business lost a shop during the fire, filled with miscellaneous equipment.

One individual that was trying to put the initial fire out inhaled some smoke. They were treated on scene by the BH-WMC ambulance and released on scene.

One first responder that was fighting the fire suffered from heat exhaustion and was taken to BH-WMC, where the responder was admitted, later released, and doing well.

Mills Fire Chief - Investigator Wil Gay investigated this fire. The cause of the fire was determined to be human caused.

An individual was cutting metal pipe when the sparks from their cutting was carried by the wind into dry grasses, starting the fire.

With the added wind, it aided the fire to spread rapidly. The individual cutting did try putting the fire out with several extinguishers; however, the fire was too out of control at that point and 911 was called.

The NCFD press release urges people to never cut anything that can throw sparks or embers into fuels that can start a fire.

“Be sure the area you are cutting in is clear of any flammable materials that could start a fire, and that you have the proper means of extinguishment if a fire does start. Do not hesitate to call 911 if the fire does become out of control.

It is also that time of year to make sure that you keep grasses cut short if you live in an area that has any potential for wildland fire. Prepare your property; defensible space is key to prevent a wildfire disaster. Thank you, Natrona County. Stay Safe!”

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