Update 8:44 p.m.  Cheyenne Police say a man is dead following an armed standoff with with law enforcement that lasted several hours.

Police sources tell Joy Greenwald of KGAB they were called to the 200 Block of Stinson around 5 p.m. on what was originally a report of a domestic violence situation. They say a woman fled the home.

When Cheyenne Police and Laramie County Sheriff's Deputies arrived on the scene shots were exchanged between police and the gunman. When police entered the home a little after 8:30 p.m., 23 year old Saige Hack--believed to be the gunman--was found dead. Exactly how he died remains unclear at this hour.

Greenwald says the case will be turned over to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, which will conduct the investigation into Hack's death


UPDATE: Cheyenne Police sources tell Townsquare Media's Joy Greenwald that they were called to the 200 block of Stinson earlier this evening on a report of a domestic dispute. A woman fled a home in that block. Police and Sheriff's Deputies were called to the scene. Shots were fired by a a man in a home, and police returned fire. So far no one is beleived to have been injured, and the standoff continues at this hour.


Details are still sketchy on a shooting incident that has Cheyenne Police and the Laramie County Sheriff's Department in the 200 Block of Stinson in Cheyenne.

The area is currently closed off. Townsquare Media's Joy Greenwald is on the scene and will report further details as they become available.