One Natrona County state  representative says property rights will be one of  her priorities this session.   Lisa Shepperson, is represents House District 58, and  says she's sponsoring House Bill 100, 'Game and Fish Land Acquisition',  in response to a public vs private property rights case on the North Platte River.

"Basically what's happened there is it's kind of changed the philosophy on takings with the Game and Fish and we just want to make sure that our state agencies can't take any private property rights without due process."

Shepperson says she is also sponsoring a bill that would prohibit certain private real estate transfer fees.   "What's happening with some of the bigger subdivisions is they're having a hard time moving those properties so the developers are putting fees on those and if someone buys that land and then sells it down the road five or ten years or even  90 years down the road, the developer gets one to two percent."

State offices  are closed today, for the Martin Luther King Jr. Equality Day but the Wyoming Legislature remains in session.