Defining what it means to be a collector of antique vehicles is one step in a process that could take the pressure off of Natrona County residents  to clear their property of what some call nuisance junk.

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Vehicle collectors and hobbyists made their case in a joint meeting of the Natrona County Commission along with Planning and Zoning Tuesday afternoon.

"It's private property on both sides, ya know.  There's private property and they want to have a lot of cars on their private property.  There's also neighbors and their property values are going down.  So were gonna have to balance that out."

Natrona County Commission Chair,  Rob Hendry,  says results of Tuesdays joint work session will be a Committee that includes members of the public, three each, representing both sides of the issues.   The goal, commissioners still agree,  is to clean up the county and enforce nuisance junk ordinances,  but it will be up to the committee to work out changes to current ordinance that satisfy everyone.   Tuesday's discussion,  Hendry says,  included talk of defining what a collector is, creating conditional use permits for those collectors, and outlining rules governing those who wish to store old vehicles.

"Were gonna talk about those issues over the next month or two.   However long it takes us to come up with a plan.  Our first meeting is the 14th of December right here in the big Courthouse, in the big Courtroom"

That will again be a joint work session, Hendry says.  In the meantime, residents who've had vehicles tagged, won't have action taken, but notices of violation tied to non-vehicle nuisance junk;  With those, residents should be aware that  the county still intends to move forward with its clean up process.