Three new Natrona County High School projects will accommodate just under 4100 students, that's assuming the School Facilities Commission approves the number later in May. Its a number that local school officials have pushed for and they anticipate approval at an SFC hearing on the 24th.

Now, Superintendent Joel Dvorak says its time to get moving on design, including design for temporary swing space for NCHS students. An earlier option to have KW and NCHS students share a campus is no longer on the table.

"We're looking to work on designing a swing-space on the Natrona County campus where we can house those Natrona County High School students and have as little impact as possible on their educational processes over the next three or four years."

The temporary space will have over 20 classrooms and accommodate students and administration, plus cafeteria and P.E facilities.

Dvorak says at this point work toward acquisition of property around Natrona County High School is going well.

Final timing on the three construction projects will likely be decided sometime next winter.