One person has been arrested following an alcohol related vehicle collision in Casper.

According to Casper Police, just before 4:00pm on Wednesday (September 14th), officers were called to a report of a hit and run vehicle collision at the intersection of CY Avenue and Poplar Street.

Police were told that a red and black GMC had fled the scene and had pulled into the parking lot of a nearby Taco John's restaurant and that the driver had gone inside.

When officers arrived they found Russell Kidder walking around the parking lot, and he said that he had lost track of where he parked and did not recall being in a crash.

Police said Kidder had slurred speech, blood-shot eyes and a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.

Kidder said he had been drinking for about 3 hours prior to the incident, but could not recall how much he had.

Officers performed a field sobriety test and found out that Kidder had a blood alcohol content of 0.28.

He was arrested and charged with driving while under the influence, and leaving the scene.

No one was injured in the collision.

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