A Casper man has been sentenced for damaging property in one neighborhood.

Twenty-four year old Brian Browning was sentenced to six months in jail, with all but seven days suspended, and one year of supervised probation, after pleading guilty to one count of driving while under the influence, and one count of property destruction.

According to Casper Police, on Tuesday afternoon January 3rd, they were called to the area of Twentieth and Jefferson Streets, where witnesses told them they had seen a vehicle drive through several alleys, and was running into and damaging garbage cans.

Officers later found Browning who admitted to being the driver, but he could not remember the route he had taken to get home.

He also said that he and his friend had been drinking earlier in the afternoon.

Browning failed several sobriety tests, and a breathalizer showed he had a blood alcohol content of point two-five.

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