Officials with Rocky Mountain Power say they've seen an increase in phishing calls from scammers in recent months.

Spokesperson Margaret Oler says customers throughout Rocky Mountain Power’s service territory have fielded calls from individuals claiming to be with the utility asking for credit card numbers and other personal information.

Oler says the utility is asking its customers to be vigilant.

“These scammers in no way represent Rocky Mountain Power at all,” Oler said. “We’ve also heard, through our utility network, that other utilities across the nation are experiencing such a thing as well.”

Oler says it’s best to immediately hang up on any call that seems suspicious. She also says the utility will always have the customer's account number handy.

“If you’re talking to Rocky Mountain Power, we know your account number,” Oler said. “That’s one thing customers can do – they can ask whoever calls them for their account number and, if they don’t have it, obviously they’re not representing Rocky Mountain Power.”

Oler says customers approached by scammers should contact Rocky Mountain Power at 1-888-221-7070.