Police in Fort Collins have gotten several reports of phony company managers calling up employees and telling them to make deposits of money that are then stolen.

Police are calling this con a "savvy phone scam."

That's according to a post on the Fort Collins Police services Facebook page.

According to the post, the callers are highly believable and the scam is well executed, complete with a fake local phone number that appears to be from the manager.

Phone scammers these days can make their phone numbers appear local even when they are not. Such a practice is known as "spoofing.'' The phony company manager scam features the fake boss calling up line-level employees and telling them to deposit money from a cash register or safe.

Usually, the employee is told to deposit the money at a cryptocurrency ATM (Bitcoin) or else use a QR code at a convenience store to transfer the money.

Police are reminding people to always take steps to verify any requests to send money, whether it is your personal money or company funds.

They say some common red flags include cryptocurrency money transfers, unexpected calls to move money, and pressure to take immediate action.

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