In the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death, K2Radio News remembers a time when Her Majesty pulled up to a Wyoming ranch in a long limousine.

The Queen spent four days as a guest in the beautiful Big Horn Mountains, hosted by her friend Lady Porchester, sister of Wyoming Senator Malcolm Wallop.

According to UPI Archives, "She posed briefly for photographers and talked animatedly with Assistant Museum Director Dan Nelson about the museum, located in the former summer home of Brinton, a wealthy eastern industrialist who bought a ranch in the area and stocked the house with art objects."

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During her stay she spoke with museum caretaker Andy Kukuchka, who said she hoped to see some elk and perhaps a moose in the area she planned to picnic later in the day.

"The queen stopped at two Sheridan stores, Ritz Sporting Goods and King's Saddlery. At Ritz Sporting Goods, store owner Stan Mavrakis, who had tied fishing flies for her husband, Prince Philip, 15 years ago, gave the queen a handmade graphite fishing rod and a box of flies to give to the prince."

"The queen was presented with a hand-tooled leather wastebasket and purchased a pair of leather gloves for herself and gifts for the rest of the royal family at King's Saddlery."

"Ethyl Crawley, 96, of Casper, presented the queen with a coat she had knitted for the queen's newest grandchild, Prince Henry."

The Queen was reported to have thoroughly enjoyed her trip, even though it closely followed the bombing of a hotel where the British Prime Minister was staying in England.


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