On Aug. 30, the Wyoming National Guard posted photos to social media of a helicopter crew rescuing an injured climber in Box Elder Canyon.

On Aug. 15, the helicopter crew -- along with local responding agencies -- executed a 24-hour rescue mission that went on for two days.

According to a news release from the National Guard, Ray Daugherty and DJ Conzales found themselves in a dangerous situation while ascending the canyon on the night of Aug. 14.

Daughtery lost his grip and plummeted about 12 feet onto a rock. He was able to get out from a pool of water, but his arm was severely injured.

Gonzales left Daugherty, climbing out of the canyon to alert authorities.

Responders included the Converse County Sheriff's Office and Search and Rescue, Glenrock Volunteer Fire Department, Glenrock EMS, and the Wyoming Army National Guard. They collaborated and located Daugherty in the early morning, nearly eight hours after the ordeal began.

Daugherty's injuries were not deemed life-threatening, but the Guard members determined a helicopter lift was necessary. For safety, the medical evacuation was postponed until dawn.

As the sun rose Aug. 15, a team of skilled Guardsmen executed an aerial evacuation, airlifting Daugherty to a designated staging area. He was transferred to a Glenrock ambulance and taken to a hospital in Casper, where his elbow was reconstructed during a six-hour surgery.

While a first responder ascended from the canyon, they discovered another person in distress. The Wyoming Army National Guard conducted an expedited airlift of the second patient from the canyon, ensuring timely access to medical care at a hospital in Casper.

Wyoming Guards Rescue Hiker in Box Elder Canyon

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