In the tiny town of Hartville, Wyoming there's an animal sanctuary that's served over fifteen years as a soft-landing spot for former research animals.

Kindess Ranch provides a final home for the farm animals they rescue and a rehab for dogs and cats -- some of which are adoptable.

In an email to K2Radio News, they wrote to tell us about the story of two former lab animals finding love. Uno the groom was the first beagle released from a historic 4,000 Beagle rescue last year at the Envigo Breeding Facility. Cami the bride was rescued from a different facility.

"Since their meeting, they have been inseperable and have fallen deeply in love with each other. Uno has showed Cami how to beg for treats, how fun it is to roll in the horse manure and that you can trust humans again" read the announcement.

"The bride wore a light pink floral gown and the groom looked sharp in a gray tuxedo. They did not exchange vows as they were too busy eyeing the treats in everyone's hands. After the ceremony, Uno and Cami celebrated by grabbing the floral bouquet and playing chase with it. They even went on a two-week Honeymoon visitng the Grand Canyon."

The pair were adopted by the Executive Director of the facility and have since become accidental ambassadors for Kindess Ranch.

Happily Ever After: Beagles Find Love After Laboratory

Hartville, Wyoming's Kindness Ranch Celebrates Success with Rescues' Love Story

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