The Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department is reporting a phone scam that targets grandparents.

Spokesman Dick Blust says the scam starts when the victim gets a call from someone claiming to be their grandson, who may explain that their voice sounds different than usual because they have a cold.

The phony grandson goes on to explain that he is in jail and needs money for bail, damages and attorney expenses. Blust says the caller knows the name of a real grandson and uses it during the call.

That call is usually followed up by a second caller claiming to be the grandson's attorney, who "confirms" the story and presses the victim to wire money--usually between $2,000 and $4,000--right away.

Blust says investigators have identified the number of the scam calls as (760) 785-8888, which is a Brawley, California number.

Blust is warning people to watch for the calls and to not send any money to alleged grandchildren in jail without confirming the situation with other relatives.