So, it finally happened. Weeks after swiping right on your dream girl (or guy), you’ve finally convinced her (or him) to go on a date with you. Now, this is no ordinary girl (or guy), and you are convinced that this person has a multitude of suitors lined up if the date does not go well.

“THIS DATE HAS TO GO WELL,” you yell at your reflection.

First of all, stop talking to your reflection. It’s weird. Secondly, calm down. Take a deep breath, count to ten and continue reading.

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We got this.

This date will go beyond a mere dinner and a movie. No, you are going to take her (or him) into the heart of Downtown Casper and, in return, maybe she will offer hers to you. You can achieve this in 5 easy stops.

Our Guide to Date Night in Downtown Casper

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