A fatal accident report says a Casper man who died while working in May was loading metal piping onto a truck when a pipe became dislodged and hit him in the head.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration fatal accident summary does not specifically name Jose Guadalupe Mendoza, but it details a fatal accident that happened at the same time and place. 

According to the summary, the accident occurred at 8 a.m. May 9 at Industrial Piping Specialists. The business is located at 928 N. Robertson Road.

According to the report, an employee and coworker were loading metal composition pipes onto a Ford F-550 with an overhead pipe rack. The employee was operating an industrial power truck with a clamp designed to handle the pipe, the report says.

When he placed a load into the pipe rack, one pipe did not fit correctly. Another employee got into a smaller industrial truck and attempted to help the employee fix the problem.

The summary says the employee eventually got out of his truck and climbed onto the back of the Ford F-550 and tried to adjust the pipe. It came loose, hitting him in the head. The employee then fell to the concrete where he died.

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