The 2013 version of Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo is over and organizers say it went exceptionally well.

Fair Manager Tom Jones says rodeo ticket sales were up 32% from last year.

The rodeo tends to attract some of the best cowboy competitors, because it's in the top 40 on the Pro Rodeo Circuit, in terms of money payout.

Jones says that it turn, attracts more fans, because they get to see some of the best of the best.

He says a recent change in marketing strategy has helped improve turnout.

"We didn't promote ourselves as well as we should have. so the last three years, we've tried a new marketing campaign, in promoting what we've always been, which is a top 30 rodeo, and we have the best in the nation that come here and we're finding that and letting the people know that, instead of just keeping it to ourselves."

Some rodeo competitors say they can't always make it to Casper, because of the popular Calgary Stampede Rodeo, that goes on at the same time.

However, they say the Central Wyoming Rodeo, is a good tune-up for Cheyenne Fronter Days.