A new tool made available to the public by the University of Wyoming’s Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute allows rapid access to Wyoming’s public oil and gas data.

The Interactive Data Platform is an online mapping tool that integrates oil and gas information from several different providers that makes the data more accessible to the public. The application takes users to the original information sources when possible.

Users can display and identify information by using the tool’s interactive map. Users can navigate the map and use search options to find information by location, geologic formation or field name. The tool features different display options, and users can get information in multiple formats including text, tabular formats and shapefiles.

“The IDP is a living website and, as such, will be improved through use and through suggestions from users,” says Nick Jones, project developer and manager of conventional resources for the Institute. “We welcome feedback for improvement.”

The tool was produced through collaboration with the Wyoming State Geological Survey, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the Wyoming Geological Association, and the Wyoming Pipeline Authority.

The university’s Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center designed and developed the online application, which features oil and gas data updated in real time.

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