In a recent survey, nearly equal percentages of Wyomingites reported voting at the polls on Election Day and voting early either at early-voting locations or by mail.

Telephone interviews with 614 Wyoming residents selected randomly were conducted by the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center’s Survey Research Center at the University of Wyoming. Participants were interviewed in mid-October and again during the week following the election.

This survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

One factor associated with the choice of voting early or in-person on Election Day was concern over the coronavirus, with 56 percent of those worried that they may contract the virus choosing to vote early, while 36 percent of those not worried chose to vote early.

Two other factors were associated with the decision to vote early, which was that  Democrats and independents were more likely to vote early than Republicans. Along with this, older citizens tended to take advantage of voting at early-voting locations or by mail, with 64 percent of Wyomingites age 55 years and older opted to vote early.

Biennial surveys of Wyoming residents are conducted by UW’s School of Politics, Public Affairs, and International Studies in partnership with the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center.

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