The Natrona County Sheriff's Office have announced that they have captured Matthew Jensen, a recent escapee from the Casper Re-Entry Center.

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According to a press release from the Sheriff's Office, On November 12, Jensen was participating in the work release program that CRC offers, when he failed to return as scheduled.

CRC allows inmates to leave the premises to go to work, but they are on a set schedule and if they do not return at their scheduled time, they're reported as an escapee.

Jensen was allowed to leave CRC at 10am on November 12, and was scheduled to return at 2pm.

He never did.

Jensen was reported as an escapee to the Natrona County Sheriff's Department and was on the run for two months.

But, the NCSO reported that deputies located Jensen in Bar Nunn and took him into custody without incident.

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office stated that they "are committed to preserving the peace of our country and ensuring it is a safe place to live, work, and visit."

I Swear I'll Kill You If You Play That

Recently, a Wyoming man was convicted of assaulting and shooting another man over an argument about a song on the radio.

No one died. The shooter got 7 years and a $1,357 fine.

This much we know but the public never got to hear - WHAT WAS THE SONG?

Imagine yourself on a long Wyoming highway, late at night. You're driving with someone and a song that you just HATE comes on the radio. But they turn it UP and start to sting along.

How bad does the song have to be to justify doing what you are thinking?

Below are some examples.

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