A recent press release from the Natrona County Emergency Management, in
conjunction with local partners, warns residents of a potential snowmelt flood threat to
areas in Natrona County.
Specifically, NCEM is monitoring water levels of Casper Creek along HWY 20-26 from the town of Natrona to Mills. Water levels have risen significantly over the last several days due to rapid snowmelt from increased temperatures.

The release says that officials have observed Casper Creek to be nearing water level capacity, heightening the potential for it to begin overflowing. The overflow will likely pose a flooding risk to homes, businesses, and roadways along Casper Creek.

Specifically, the section of Casper Creek that narrows and runs through the town of Mills.

Snowmelt is running off, feeding our local small streams and creeks, and eventually into our river in Natrona County. Although cooler temperatures are expected throughout the end of this week, it is anticipated that the snowmelt will continue, further feeding the small creeks in our County. Together, NCEM and local officials will continue to monitor water levels across all creeks and streams and will make further notifications if it becomes necessary.
Natrona County Emergency Management is asking residents and business owners along Casper Creek to be aware and take appropriate precautions for their property. For your safety, do not drive through standing water or flooded roadways, and obey any signage or barricades on the roadways.

Local Law Enforcement and Fire-EMS personnel are prepared to respond and assist if an emergency occurs due to the rising creek. Natrona County Emergency Management is continuing to work with Natrona County Road & Bridge to ensure the safety of residents, continued roadway access, and property preservation.

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