A Natrona County man is facing 9 separate criminal charges for his role is a series of shootings that took place in the area of South McKinley in Casper, on April 4, 2022.

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Daniel Angel Marin-Laris is being charged with seven counts of Aggravated Assault and Battery, as well as one count of Property Destruction and Defacement, and one count of the Use of a Firearm While Committing a Felony.

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According to a redacted affidavit filed in the Circuit Court of Natrona County, Casper Police Department officers were called to an apartment complex near the 2700 Block of South McKinley, in Casper for a shots fired call.

Officers were told that a silver Nissan vehicle had been seen in the area and that numerous gunshots were heard, with rounds impacting many of the apartment buildings located in the complex, and the majority of bullet holes being concentrated to one specific apartment number.

The affidavit states that officers spoke with numerous residents of the apartment, including three victims whose apartment was specifically shot at.

"The three were unharmed but shaken," the affidavit stated. "Outside, Officer[s] located shell casings in the street spanning the entire block of 27th Street. Officer[s] observed multiple bullet holes in the upper south facing bedroom that all three had been in at the time of the shots being fired."

When speaking to the three, Officers were told that the victims had no idea who could have done this, or why.

According to the affidavit, "The three of them had become acquainted with a male named 'Dany' recently and knew him to associate with [another man]. Additionally, 'Dany' was the only one who knew where they were currently living."

While officers were conducting interviews with occupants of the apartment complex, other officers were surveying the buildings, and located numerous bullet holes on the north side of the apartment building.

It was also noted in the affidavit that a CPD officer who lived in the building with her 7-year-old daughter "heard several loud bangs, but could not tell if they were gun shots or fireworks. [She] did not think anything of it and went to bed and was woken up by Officers knocking at her door."

The three occupants gave officers a description that was later confirmed to match that of Marin-Laris. Officers also located a vehicle registration for Marin-Laris, which indicated he did, in fact, own a silver Nissan.

"A CAD check revealed Marin-Laris had been stopped by [an Officer] previously where he was located with controlled substances and a 9mm firearm," the affidavit stated.

The affidavit then goes on to say that on April 6, 2022 at 5:00 a.m., the Mills Police Department was dispatched to a Conoco Station near the Yellowstone Highway on calls of a suspicious vehicle that had been parked for a long period of time, with the occupant not exiting the vehicle at all.

Officers arrived on the scene and located the silver Nissan, as well as Marin-Laris. Controlled substances and shell casings were located inside of the vehicle.

He was transported to the Casper Police Department.

Officers noted that the shell casings located in the vehicle substantially matched the brand, caliber, and style of casings located at the scene of the shooting.

Officers were then given information as to the whereabouts of two other potential suspects, who were staying at the Super 8 motel, in Evansville.

Those suspects were Matthew Pentinney and Terrin Bergh.

"Controlled substances and firearms were located," the affidavit stated. "The firearms were located on Bergh's person. One of the firearms, a Glock 26 was reported stolen out of Albuquerque."

Bergh and Pentinney were also transported to the Casper Police Department.

The affidavit details an interview that CPD officers conducted with Marin-Laris, who was advised of his Miranda rights and who agreed to speak with a Detective.

Marin-Laris stated that he was in the East 16th Street area of Casper with Bergh, Pentinney, and others on April 4, 2022.

"At approximately 10:30 p.m., Marin-Laris, Bergh, and Pentinney left the residence in Marin-Laris' vehicle," the affidavit stated. "They went to Walmart first and, while sitting in the parking lot, Pentinney and Bergh started discussing wanting to shoot up one of their 'oppositions'' houses. After some deliberation, they decided on [the victim]."

The three drove to the area of South McKinley.

"After circling the block numerous times, Pentinney and Bergh opened fire on the apartment building," the affidavit said. "They fled immediately and went back to East 16th. The following day, Marin-Laris took Bergh and Pentinney to Sportsman's Warehouse to purchase new ammunition. He then took them to the Super 8 and helped them acquire a hotel room."

Casper Police Department Public Information Officer Rebekah Ladd did indicate that Marin-Laris was working with two juveniles, who would be subsequently charged as adults. But she did not state specifically if Pentinney and Bergh were the two to whom she was referring.

CPD also conducted interviews with Bergh and Pentinney, both of whom corroborated Marin-Laris' story.

"Bergh confessed to shooting up [the victim's] house, but would not speak about his accomplices," the affidavit stated. "Bergh asked for an attorney at that time."

Pentinney also offered a statement.

The affidavit stated that "Pentinney was picked up by Bergh and [another] in Albuquerque on Sunday [April 3]. Bergh had arrived with one firearm but wanted another so while they were there, Pentinney assisted Bergh in obtaining one through a third party."

The firearm turned out to be the stolen Glock 26.

Pentinney continued to corroborate Marin-Laris' story. According to the affidavit, "They went to Walmart first and while sitting in the parking lot, Marin-Laris and Bergh started discussing wanting to shoot up one of their 'oppositions'' houses. Bergh said he wanted to 'wipe [the victim's] face off the map.'

All three were arrested and they were arraigned on Tuesday.

K2 Radio News will have more on this story as information becomes available.

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