As the fire danger climbs, the Natrona County Commissioners along with the BLM are instituting more fire bans.

1. No open camp fires, this now includes ALL fire pits and rings, on both public and private land, as well as no charcoal fired appliances, propane fired is ok. This includes the lakes and mountain.

2. Tracer ammunition is now banned for the year.

3. No smoking outside of your vehicle unless you are in an area clear of combustible material.

4. Absolutely no fireworks.

5.No acetylene cutting torches or electric welding except in areas devoid of ALL vegetation and combustible material.

6.No propane or open fire branding except in corral areas cleared of ALL vegetation.

7. Chainsaws must have spark arrestors and a minimum of a 2 1/2 pound fire extinguisher or larger within the work area.

As the area is approaching extreme fire danger conditions these bans have been put in place for everyone's protection.

There is a reminder from Natrona County Fire that there is zero tolerance for the discharging of fireworks.

If you live in Bar Nunn, Mills, Evansville, Midwest or Edgerton you will need to contact your town hall for the latest fire restrictions.