A Natrona County man is accused of breaking into his estranged wife's home and then "going after her" with a claw hammer.

John S. Sappington is charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and felony property damage. He could face up to 45 years behind bars if convicted of all charges.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, Natrona County dispatchers received a notification that a home security alarm had been triggered just after 3 a.m. on June 7. Shortly after, they received a 911 call from a woman saying someone was banging on her door. The person told dispatchers that she believed the woman was Sappington's estranged wife.

The affidavit says the alleged victim told dispatchers that Sappington had broken into her home and was threatening to kill her. Dispatchers were reportedly able to hear Sappington yelling, "I'm going to f-----g kill you," through the phone.

Court documents say the alleged victim told Natrona County Sheriff's Office investigators that she was sleeping when she heard glass break and watched Sappington enter her house through a sliding glass window. The woman reportedly fled upstairs and out an upstairs door over to her neighbor's home before calling 911.

Sappington agreed to speak with a Natrona County Investigations Sergeant following the alleged incident.

During the interview, Sappington allegedly told the investigator that he drank roughly half a fifth of Bicardi rum the evening before the incident. He then went to a local strip club where he drank "no more" than five rum and cokes or bourbon and cokes.

Sappington reportedly told the investigator that the woman had "stolen" his belongings and he wanted them back. He allegedly said he drove to the woman's house without letting her know. He then allegedly admitted to breaking a window and going into the woman's house.

He also allegedly admitted that he threatened to kill the woman

"Sappington was placed under arrest and informed of the possible charges. Sappington said, 'I did it. I'm not even going to bond out. I'm just going to plead guilty because I did all of those things,'" the investigator writes in the affidavit. "'I know I'm going to prison for a long time.'"

Sappington has not had a chance to enter pleas to the charges.

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