Cheyenne police say 40 percent of the drug cases and half of the overdose deaths its Community Action Team investigated in 2019 involved methamphetamine.

According to statistics released by the department Tuesday, the team investigated 43 cases last year. Sixty-two percent were drug distribution cases; 14 percent were overdose deaths; 12 percent were property crimes; 10 percent were human trafficking cases; and 2 percent were other cases.

Of the drug cases, 40 percent involved methamphetamine; 24 percent involved poly drugs; 12 percent involved cocaine, 9 percent involved heroin; 9 percent involved opioid analgesics; 3 percent involved marijuana/spice; and 3 percent involved MDMA.

Officer David Inman says the team also recovered approximately $30,000 in stolen property and arrested 48 drug distributors.

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