The Wyoming Highway Patrol is taking a four-legged approach to ridding the state of fentanyl.

Last week, the agency partnered with Makor K-9 and Precision Explosives to train K-9 Reno, a female black Lab paired with Trooper J. T. Dellos, on how to sniff out the powerful opioid.

"Fentanyl has been linked to a significant increase in fatal overdoses throughout the United States," said Sgt. Jeremy Beck.

"(We) knew something needed to be done to help combat the dangerous drug," he added.

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Beck says Reno was trained on the "trace odor" of fentanyl and pure fentanyl.

"The training aid containing fentanyl is in a device that only releases vapor of the odor, and no particles can be released," said Beck.

"There were no issues or safety concerns that arose during the training," Beck added.

Wyoming Highway Patrol
Wyoming Highway Patrol

Reno is the first police dog in the state, and only one of a few in the country, to receive and be fully trained with a 100% pharmaceutical grade fentanyl.

"The training this K-9 and handler have received will be a great tool for law enforcement as they work the interstates and highways of Wyoming," said K-9 Coordinator Lt. Joshua Hardee.

"This dangerous drug has to be taken off our streets, and the Wyoming Highway Patrol is proud to be at the forefront of this endeavor," Hardee added.


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