A wild chase from Evansville to Casper and back again has landed a man in jail facing multiple charges.

At about 2:40 on Friday, an Evansville police officer tried to stop a man driving a pickup truck erratically on Wyoming Boulevard near Interstate 25.

She suspected he was under the influence.

A license check revealed him to be Bin Christopher Williams, who had 3 prior arrests for DUI.

But instead of stopping, he ran, and ultimately crossed into Casper, where Casper Police joined in.

He turned back toward Evansville at one point, and hit the Evansville officer’s car.

Multiple spike strips were used, and all four tires were blown, but he kept driving on the truck’s rims.

He ultimately crashed near Mystic Circle, and police found him incoherently asking if he were dead and in heaven.

He admitted taking PCP and a blood was drawn, but the results aren’t complete.

Bin Williams has been charged with Felony Driving While Under the Influence, eluding police, reckless driving and interference.