A man who was arrested Saturday evidently saved Casper police officers some work by reportedly telling them all about the prior few days he spent high on methamphetamine in several places across Casper.

Jamison D. Finley, 29, was taken to jail for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Court documents say police officers were called to an address on 15th Street at about 4:30 p.m. Saturday for a report of a man who was high on methamphetamine in the lobby.

Officers arrived to find Finley, who reportedly didn't want to talk to police and was upset they were there because of his "kidnapping." Finley said he wouldn't talk about the kidnapping and was not planning on pressing charges against anyone.

Finley reportedly said he didn't know what to do and was scared he was going to be taken again. He became increasingly agitated and paranoid as he spoke with officers, according to an affidavit.

An officer noted in the affidavit Finley had pinpoint pupils and couldn't control his movements. Finley allegedly continually shifted in his seat and couldn't sit still for more than a few seconds. He was also grinding his teeth uncontrollably, police say.

Finley then began talking about his previous few days in Casper. He reportedly said he was walking around town aimlessly with no place to go, when a friend contacted him.

That's when Finley said he was abducted and taken to a place he recognized, the affidavit says. He said he would not talk about the abduction.

Finley said he later left the abduction location and went to work, where his boss said he needed Finley to work through the night. Finley didn't want to work all night, but decided it was his only way to make money.

Near the end of his shift, Finley said he was "dozing off" and asked his boss to give him some "stuff."

So, Finley told officers, his boss gave him a loaded syringe and injected 70 units of methamphetamine into his bloodstream. Finley reportedly said the high lasted quite some time.

The next few days were blurry, Finley said.

He went to a friend's house and sat around the apartment while his friend smoked some meth. Finley didn't want to smoke meth, which made his friend mad.

Finley allegedly told officers he was so angry he grabbed the baggie of meth and ate it. Then, he decided it was time to take off. He then walked aimlessly around Casper.

Officers took Finley to Wyoming Medical Center, where he was medically cleared before being taken to jail.

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