Liz Cheney, the eldest daughter of former Vice-President Dick Cheney, is running for Wyoming's only congressional seat, and she was in Casper on Thursday.
On the Brian Scott show, she answered a question many have wondered about, given her unsuccessful run two years ago against Senator Mike Enzi.
Namely, why are you running again?
“I believe in the fundamental values and Constitutional rights that we are blessed to enjoy in this state,” Cheney replied, “and those are under threat. And the same issues that got me into the race a couple of years ago, if anything, have gotten worse for us in the state of Wyoming. And I think it’s very clear that if we don’t stand up and fight back, we’re really at risk of seeing a fundamental shift in our country that won’t be reversible.”
She also addressed one of the most common criticisms of her candidacy, and that is the so-called "carpetbagger issue."
That is the complaint that she didn't really spend the bulk of her life in Wyoming and is something of a Johnny-come-lately.
“Look,” she said, “people have the right to ask any question they want. I’m happy to answer any of that along with a whole range of other issues. But you know, I am blessed to be raising my kids in Wyoming. They are the fifth generation of my family to call Wyoming home. It’s always been home for us. My family has been here for over 100 years.”
“The question makes me mad sometimes because I don’t think there are very many people whose roots are deeper than ours are.”
Cheney was as you might expect, very critical of the Obama Administration and said she hopes to reverse many of its policies if elected.

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