Liz Cheney, daughter of the former vice president, and now a Wyoming resident was in Casper helping Natrona County Republicans raise funds at a special donor reception this week.

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At least one media source is referring to Romney's V.P. pick, Paul Ryan, as the new Dick Cheney. The former vice president's daughter was in Casper Thursday fundraising for Republicans and says she approves of the comparison.

"I'm a big fan of both of them, obviously, so its nice to hear that."

Liz Cheney was with her father for his first public appearance after heart surgery earlier this year at the Wyoming Republican Convention in Cheyenne and she was through Casper last summer to promote his autobiographical work, "In My Time".

She collaborated with him on that, transcribing and editing first-hand stories, and she says it was a chance to ask questions.

"And  an excuse as an adult child to sit with your father and really learn about his life and his career and, ya know, what decisions do you feel were right- good ones and what experiences taught you lessons that were important for the future. So, it was a very special experience."

Cheney says she's been busy with the family move back to Jackson recently, but is taking time to help with the Romney campaign and says she hopes to get out and about in the state now that she's here on a full time basis.