Liz Cheney,  daughter of the former V.P.,  heads back to her new home in Jackson Friday after several days on the road across Wyoming meeting with and speaking to audiences. In Gillette, Wednesday, it was the Energy Expo, discussing  challenges facing that industry.  In Casper, Thursday,  it's a donor reception for Natrona County Republicans.

"I've been happy to be able to help Republican groups all over the state raise money. It's been nice to be able to get out around the state to see people and raise money for a very important cause."

That cause being the support of Republicans both here in Wyoming and on the presidential ticket. Cheney worked with the Romney campaign in 2008 and is very active this time around.

But she says right now the main focus is the move back to Wyoming where, she says its really exciting for her and her family- including five children- to be close to their Grandparents.