Lemonade Day, presented by Hilltop Bank, is back.

The 2024 Lemonade Day kickoff event will be held Wednesday, May 8th from 3pm-5pm at Hilltop Bank’s Main Office at 300 Country Club Road. The kickoff will be on the south side of the building off 4th Street.The 10th annual city-wide event will be held Saturday, June 22.

Lemonade Day is a free community event, focused on teaching kids how to start and run their own business. Kids follow a 14-step process that includes budgeting, marketing, construction, research, developing a recipe, and tabulating business results.


This is the first opportunity for kids to register for the 2024 Lemonade Day and to pick up their backpacks full of information to guide them through the process of starting their own business.

There will be free lemonade and cookies for everyone at the kickoff, while supplies last.

Backpacks will be available at any Hilltop Bank Lobby location starting May 9th. Each Lemonade Day backpack contains an official guide to starting your own business as well as coupons, special offers and prizes from our sponsors- all aimed at helping kids to run a successful business.

Then, on June 22nd, participating entrepreneurs will open for business as they set up their stands all over town. Participants keep 100% of the money that they earn.

Hilltop Bank President & CEO, Greg Dixson, is looking forward to continuing to support the young entrepreneurs that participate in Lemonade Day, “It’s so enjoyable to watch their creativity, initiative, and dedication. From building their stand, to marketing their product, to the final sale; you can see their faces light up throughout the process.” Dixson goes on, “Please join me in supporting these young minds that are embracing entrepreneurship and learning essential financial skills!”

Over the years, thousands of kids have registered for Lemonade Day. It is estimated that nearly $50,000 will be earned by participants on Lemonade Day.

This is an event where all of Casper can participate - as an entrepreneur, an investor, a mentor, and a customer.

Mary Schroer, Casper’s Lemonade Day City Director, says financial literacy is only one part of the event “Lemonade Day teaches so much more than the value of a dollar. These young entrepreneurs turn to their parents and teachers for help, they survey neighbors and reach out to local businesses. When the kids get this overwhelming show of support in return for their work, that makes an impression. Lemonade Day teaches the value of a community.”

Lemonade Day is presented by Hilltop Bank, and is produced in partnership with Townsquare Media, Sutherlands, and the Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming.
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