A Wyoming resident is dead after a collision in Fremont County on May 4 at 1:34 p.m.

62-year-old Kevin Robinett was driving a Ford pickup on an unnamed dirt road in Jeffrey City when he turned southbound into a large chain-link perimeter fence of a local hotel, continued south through a field, and hit a wooden fence.

The Ford continued, traveling northeast, and ran over a large boulder and several 50-gallon metal drums before impacting the east-most hotel room, traveling through the room, and crossing WY 789.

After crossing the highway, the Ford continued traveling northeast, impacted the southbound right-of-way fence near milepost 22.8, and continued through the field. The Ford impacted another private barbed wire fence before impacting the garage door of a metal storage building on the property.

The Ford ultimately collided with an RV inside the building, causing the RV to be pushed through the northern wall.

This per a crash summary from the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Road conditions were dry and the weather was clear. Robinette was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Highway Patrol lists speed and "other" as possible contributing factors but did not say more.

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